Louise Anderson

With fifteen years of counselling experience, my special interest is supporting people to move through, and beyond life’s many losses.


All my life I’ve had chronic health challenges, and two of my five children were born partially sighted. Like many of us, life’s losses have at times, seemed to just keep coming.


Married for over 30 years, my husband died quite suddenly of cancer in 2015. This enormous shock prompted me to explore how I could best support myself to survive the deep grief I was experiencing.


Life Beyond Loss is a culmination of my training and life experience - both the joyous and the sad times.  

My qualifications includes a post graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and Therapy, and I have trained (parts 1 & 2) with With Living Well Dying Well, as a Doula

for the Dying.


In my general counselling work, I believe it is important to offer a choice in ways of working with clients. As well as traditional sharing and talking I might include Art Materials, Image Work and Body Work. I act as a guide to support each client to identify and find a way through obstacles and barriers that might get in the way of them leading a self empowered and fulfilling life, whatever their age or state of health.


Working with individuals, on a long or short-term basis, I help them face and work through life’s various challenges whether personal, health related, family, parenting or work issues. I encourage clients to explore and access their hidden potential. Equipped with new insights and resources they are more able to find a way forward that is rewarding and satisfying.


Whatever tough experience life might throw at us, with the right support we can find a way to turn painful events into

life’s wisdom.


I have a growing belief that there is always a way through.



“Loss is nothing else but change, and change

is Nature's delight.”  Marcus Aurelius