“I felt totally safe, totally held, totally guided in exploring the issues. Grief is a much bigger issue than I’d realized and its good to know that Louise and her amazing work are available for me when I’m ready. I highly recommend this course to anyone feeling they might have some sorrow stuck somewhere in their being.”  Adrienne Thomas



“I would highly recommend this course to anyone whose inner or outer life is held back by a loss of any kind.”  Alinah Azadeh



“It IS possible to have better tools for dealing with loss.”   

Dr. Amanda Bolt

“I found this a profound experience.” 

Hermione Elliott


“I consulted Louise for help with a very difficult and distressing situation at work. In a series of  sessions she gently, kindly and skilfully helped me unravel the threads and find a way forward. In the process, she drew out a pattern that I had not realised I had been repeating in my life and helped me trace it back to its likely origins. These were invaluable insights for the future as well as helping with me this particular situation. Louise is a warm, supportive, perceptive, affirming and totally trustworthy counsellor. I am very grateful for her exceptional help.”    Michael Jacobs


“I’ve seen Louise for a couple of years, she has been very patient and has helped me build my confidence and get through a painful time, I have found our sessions extremely helpful.”  Martha Smith



I started seeing Louise when my husband left me, I was in shock and didn’t know who or where I was. After counseling I was clear about how I wanted to live my life and what to do next, Louise gently but firmly helped me stay focused on what has been a very difficult time, I am very grateful for her wisdom and support.”  C. Johnson



“This is one of the best things I've done.”  Dr Anna Cole